Protozoa consist of flagellates, amoebae and ciliates.

Protozoa are single-celled organisms whose role is to consume bacteria and excrete nutrients in forms that are readily plant-available.

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Soil Food Web

We utilize the process designated by Dr. Elaine Ingham to assess the diversity of the microorganisms present in our client's soil. In doing so, we can we can identify which microorganism groups are lacking and then develop specific strategies designed to support the emergence of a holistic and functioning soil food web.

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Our Process

In most cases, our comprehensive soil analysis and restoration service follows a variation of this sequence relevant to the property in question.

1. Testing

We will conduct a soil test as a starting point for our strategic soil restoration plan.

  • Test your soil to determine microorganism presence and fertility levels
  • Based upon soil test results, define a strategy to improve soil conditions
  • Coordinate strategy with a timeline of activities that works with seasonal and management schedules

2. Application

We create a locally-derived blend of organic plan and animal inputs to restore microorganisms to your soil.

  • Locally produce the soil food web microorganisms to be applied to your soil
  • Educate staff how to manage biologically complete compost
  • Monitor the biological inputs being applied to soil in conjunction with proposed timeline

3. Analysis

We measure results and adapt to soil biology changes by making educated adjustments to the application of inputs.

  • Routine soil biology testing to monitor the health of microorganism colonies
  • Monitor farm activities to see if microorganisms are being affected by activities
  • Continued input and analysis activities to ensure all soil food web organisms are optimal
Important Considerations
The lack of beneficial microorganisms living in the soil and upon plant surfaces results in pests and disease. Our approach is to identify what is and is not present in your soil and create a systematic approach to both balance your soil and make it most habitable for the organisms your crops need to thrive.
Soil Food Web

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