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As Soil Consultants We Can Help You Bring Your Soil Back to Life

Soil consulting can create sustainable solutions for farms, commercial locations, and private properties.

Medium-to-large scale farmers, small scale growers, and even home gardeners can benefit from soil analysis and soil regeneration practices.

Our process involves soil sampling for a biological life analysis of a growing area and then the creation of a soil regeneration plan that is customized to the geographic region and even the specific crops being grown.

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Our Process

In most cases, our comprehensive soil analysis and restoration service follows a variation of this sequence relevant to the property in question.

1. Testing

We will conduct a soil test as a starting point for our strategic soil restoration plan.

  • Test your soil to determine microorganism presence and fertility levels
  • Based upon soil test results, define a strategy to improve soil conditions
  • Coordinate strategy with a timeline of activities that works with seasonal and management schedules

2. Application

We create a locally-derived blend of biological inputs for the microorganism profile.

  • Locally produce the soil food web microorganisms to be applied to your soil
  • Educate staff how to manage biologically complete compost
  • Monitor the biological inputs being applied to soil in conjunction with proposed timeline

3. Analysis

We measure results and adapt to soil biology changes by making scientific adjustments.

  • Routine soil biology testing to monitor the health of microorganism colonies
  • Monitor farm activities to see if microorganisms are being affected by activities
  • Continued input and analysis activities to ensure all soil food web organisms are optimal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is soil regeneration?

Soil regeneration, as a specific form of environmental regeneration within the field of environmental restoration ecology, is producing new soil through the following methods of applied soil science:

  • increasing the volume of dissolved organic substances in the soil
  • preventing or slowing the rate of soil erosion
  • increasing the quality and quantity of water held in the soil
  • and, providing additional nutrients and micro-organisms to help improve the community of living micro-organisms in the soil

The soil structure needed for regenerative agriculture practices has unique properties such as stable soil carbon microbial communities that facilitate biological diversity. Cover crops are a common way to apply regenerative agriculture practices, but in the case of severe soil degradation cover crops alone are not enough. Cover crops can slowly generate nutrient dense food for the microbes that live within the soil but when it comes to rebuilding soil organic matter, it is often necessary to utilize compost teas to help agricultural soils come back to life.

Because soil can become virtually incapable of supporting life if we do not replenish it with regenerated topsoil, it is imperative that we do just that while using soil testing services to analyze the contents. There are many ways in which we can directly apply this process such as with the development of gardens and lawns, improving crop production, increasing the permeability of soils for growing plants, and so on. However, when it comes to restoring and maintaining the health of natural soils and landscapes, the processes involved in what is known as soil regeneration are the key in the scope of our soil testing and soil consultant services.

What is regenerative agriculture for soil health?

Regenerative agriculture refers to the use of organic matter as a natural way of improving the quality of our soils. Organic matter can be used in many different ways to improve the soil, and it is a very important part of organic farming. Soil health is very important, especially in the world today. People need to realize that they have an enormous amount of potential in their soils. The problem is that most people do not recognize it, and this leads to the problem of too much crop sowing and too much farming.

One of the solutions to this is using organic matter in order to make the soil more healthy. This organic matter can be in the form of manure from the animals we eat, in the form of decayed leaves and grass, and even in the form of plants that have been decomposed by the sun or rain. These organic materials do not all belong to the same species of plants, so each one will have a different effect on the health of the soil. Some of them may help to strengthen the root system, increase the fertility of the soil, and increase the soil's water holding capacity.

What do soil regeneration consultants do?

Soil regeneration consultants have one job only and that is to restore your soil and improve your soil's fertility. Soil consultants and soil scientists know what to do because they are basically in the same business: Soil consultants create and install bio-degradable organic materials in order to restore your land to its original state. Soil consultants know what to do soil regeneration consultants do because all of them use this term on their website and in all marketing material they send your way.

There are many things a soil regeneration consultant does besides sell you the bio-degradable organic matter to recover your soil's fertility. These consulting services are usually referred to as soil restoration or soil management. Restoration and management refer to the process by which the soil is restored back to its original state. Soil testing and soil management refers to how the soil is managed after it has been restored to its original condition.

What is regenerative soil management?

Regenerative soil management is the soil science key to sustainable agriculture. The question many are posing as they journey towards becoming more self-sufficient in their food production, the usage of construction materials, testing services, and environmental management practices used by a soil consulting firm is what is regenerative soil management.

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